As the leading public blockchain for enterprises, the VeChainThor Blockchain is set to hit a vital milestone.
VeChainThor is expected to handle a tremendous volume of transactions upon its launch. As such, thorough testing is imperative to ensure the launch of the VeChainThor Platform goes smoothly and adheres to the high standards set by VeChain in the past.

The VeChainThor blockchain has undergone Internal Alpha Testing since Mid-April 2018. Now the Public Alpha Test is beginning. This Public Alpha Testing will consist of several reputable third party cyber security and code auditors ranging from private firms to esteemed enterprises.

In early June 2018 the VeChain Foundation will open up the code base to the public and at the same time will begin the Public Beta Test. This Public Beta will be the first time the VeChain Foundation will make the code base open to the public.

Upon the success of this Public Beta the official VeChain Main net will launch, this is expected to happen in late July 2018.

The VeChain Foundation project has gone from strength to strength and it is no doubt due to their meticulousness and attention to detail, exhibited by their rigorous testing program.

From the introduction of Bitcoin as Blockchain 1.0 to the smart contracts of Ethereum as Blockchain 2.0, the VeChainThor Blockchain will be known as the next evolution of Blockchain as 3.0. The VeChain Foundation will work to become every incremental blockchain evolution and be recognized as Blockchain X. With the entrustment, acceptance, and backing of some of the worlds largest enterprises, the VeChainThor Platform is going to change the world around you with or without your knowledge of it.

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2017 — — Mid April 2018: Development Completed
Mid April — — Mid May, Alpha 1.0
Mid May — — Early June, Alpha 2.0
Early June — — End of June, Beta/Public testing, Source Code Open
End Of June — — Mainnet Launch

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