Dragonchain was developed originally at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015/2016 as a Disney private blockchain platform. During that time there were over 20 use cases and applications that have been publicly documented on the W3C blockchain community group. In October of 2016 the platform was then released as an open-sourced software and the Dragonchain foundation was created to maintain responsibility and ownership of the open source code in January of 2017.

Dragonchain is a platform for creating smart contracts, and the DRGN token is a license for intellectual property on the blockchain and has many uses.

Dragons are required by companies to access the Incubator and all of the incubator projects must include a special discount during their ICO for DRGN holders. The quality of the discount will be determined by your Dragon Slumber Score (DSS). The DSS is determined by the length of time your Dragons have been held and the number of Dragons held. DSS is a great incentive to hold your tokens for some juicy ICO discounts.
The Dragon token is a tokenized micro-license for interacting with the Dragonchain commercial platform, which means that Dragonchain is 100% compliant to securities laws. For this reason alone, we consider DRGN to be an excellent hedge against other projects like ethereum which many investors fear will be hurt badly in any future SEC clamp down.

The Dragonchain market cap is currently sitting at $280M down from its all time highs of $1.2B. We see it as a great investment due to its strict KYC policies and feel that smart contract platforms along with decentralized exchanges will be a big theme this year. This, coupled with the fact that it reached over a $1b market cap whilst only being listed on a few small exchanges leads us to believe that when it gets listed on some larger volume exchanges, the rewards coul be very tasty indeed.

You can purchase DRGN tokens from here