One of the lower cap gems that we have been researching lately includes the likes of LUX which is currently sitting on a market cap of $16.6M, down from its all time high of $42M. LUX is definitely one the riskier coins we like due to its lower market cap and limited exchange listings but hopefully, after reading our review which outlines the unique features LUX has, you’ll realize why we like it so much.

It can be found on Cryptopia and Cryptobridge with promises of another exchange listing coming up some time in Q2.

Luxcoin is an enterprise grade blockchain ecosystem with a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus algorithm. The blockchain claims to be the first of its kind implementing SegWit, smart contracts and masternodes. Their goal is to create a solutions and services ecosystem offering enterprise ready security and privacy products. Another fantastic trait is that it has an efficient ASIC-resistant GPU mining algorithm, with faster hash rates and reduces power and heat consumption by 10% which can all be scientifically verified in the whitepaper.

With power expenditure being one of the many concerns people have with traditional PoW mechanisms, this is great news.

The Lux network is being run by PoW miners in conjunction with nodes, staking their coins via PoS and larger contributors hosting Masternodes. Something important to mention is that staking rewards are static, meaning the reward is always the same, which is currently placed at 1. For those staking more, it results in more regular rewards rather than a larger dividend.

As 2018 is now well underway and with the much needed market correction over ( roughly 75% of total market capitalization has been wiped out), we see this as a great opportunity to be accumulating LUX. With Segwit, Mobile Wallets, a pre-mine burn, Parrallel masternodes and another exchange listing all being promised for Q2, we are feeling jacked about this project. 

Below is a link to their roadmap which notably, is very transparent and highly detailed.

As touched on previusly, LUX is scheduled to implement Segwit which will allow for the possibility of lightning network integration. Additionally, some other great unique features Lux is rolling out are Parallel Masternodes and LuxGate.

These are an enterprise solution, solely directed at institutions that have been vetted and verified. Institutions that require increased security features can use these services to ensure optimal privacy and security. LuxGate will allow communication between validated blockchains through smart contracts that can be deployed directly from the wallet and trigger cross network transactions and tasks based on pre defined conditions.

For example, combining LuxGate with Parallel Masternodes can enable the Bitcoin blockchain to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. LuxGate can also communicate with existing centralized networks including the ones used by banks and other institutions.

Some other features of LUX include Multi-sig transactions and Luxsend, a privacy feature which is a form of coin-mixing, designed to provide an extra layer of privacy. Coin mixing is provided by the Lux Masternode Network and ensures trustless mixing of coins to obfuscate their origin, addresses and wallet details.