Matrix is a coin we called 2 weeks ago due to unconfirmed news that they had partnered with china’s 900 BILLION dollar One Belt One Road Initiative.
At the time MAN was sitting at $0.80 and is now up a whopping 80% and sitting at $1.40

This partnership has now been officially confirmed by the Matrix team, hence the recent price bump.

Technically Matrix looks incredible despite already being up 80%. We are still adding to our bags because Matrix is undervalued.
MAN/ETH has been consolidating in a tight range for 3 months and over the last day has broken out of this range with huge amounts of volume and is currently retesting the breakout area.
The last time we saw something like this play out was on the 18th of january before VEN went parabolic and subsequently went up 800%.

We also did a full review here for newer members and we cant stress enough how bullish we are on MATRIX:

MATRIX – A one of a kind blockchain, GET IN WHILE IT’S STILL CHEAP

Matrix can only be bought on 2 exchanges so far, Gate and Idex. Idex is a new decentralised exchange that is overwhelmed by the volumes being traded on its platform. Outages are common making this exchange unreliable at the moment.

The best exchange to buy Matrix from is Gate and you can check it out here: