Matrix is leveraging AI technology to create an intelligent blockchain that is faster, more accessible and more secure. Matrix has already been getting a lot of media attention lately with some monumental partnership announcements but that is only the beginning. Matrix is an open source project with some prototypes already being tested. The project has high level connections evident in their partnership with the One Belt One Road Initiative by China. This is a multitrillion dollar initiative by China and it will be deployed using the Matrix blockchain. The massiveness of this partnership cannot be emphasised enough as it is the biggest partnership in cryptocurrency today.

The success of the Matrix project is no coincidence, the Matrix platform has features that set it apart from any other blockchain offering currently out there. Matrix boasts 1 million transactions per second speed, automated security, total interoperability, world class partners and no code smart contracts.

No code smart contracts are a ground breaking revelation in the AI world and the cryptocurrency world. This means that the everyday user can create a smart contract with no coding knowledge required. By simply typing or speaking a smart contract can be created, this is enabled by the integration of AI. The importance of an easy to use interface like this cannot be overstated, this is a game changer.

These no code smart contracts are going to be used in the Chinese supply chain industry with One Belt One Road. Enterprise adoption means transaction speed, security, interoperability and verification all need to happen seamlessly. Matrix AI will have a rule-based analysis engine to verify, a formal verification tool kit, AI detection for transaction identification and security and also an AI deep learning based platform for dynamic security verification, all used with the no code smart contracts.

The project is being deployed by a stellar team headed by AI super star Steven Deng. Steven is the chief AI scientist and his CV is something to be revered. The high level connections of the advisory team landed the project partnerships including the previously mentioned One Belt One Road initiative as well as associations with Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation.

Matrix also sparked the curiosity of some famous Venture Capital funds such as Torque Capital Partners, Signal Ventures and many more, all investing hefty chunks of cash into this project. There is some seriously high level stuff going on here guys.

Currently the Matrix (MAN) token is sitting at $1.00 with a market cap of $150,000,000. This is incredibly undervalued considering the scale of the project and its gigantic partnerships. This is one of our biggest holdings and we will be ‘hodling’ MAN for the long term. Today we will be adding more MAN to our bags from here. Lets ride this rocket to the moon together fellow CIM soldiers, over and out.
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