Modum is another of our favorite low cap coins here at CryptoInMinutes. As of writing it has a $47 million dollar market cap with plenty of room to grow.

Modum is a supply-chain logistics system which integrates blockchain, smart contract and sensory device technology into a single, passive solution. This integrative solution will enhance data integrity across the supply chain.

What modum is trying to achieve is similar to Vechain only in a much more specific and niche market. Their initial focus is aimed towards the pharmaceutical industry, where regulatory changes have just been enacted in the European union. The changes require that medical products have not been exposed to conditions, namely temperature that may compromise the quality of the goods in question. This means that big pharma companies must employ expensive methods to track temperatures of their goods across the supply chain.

This is where MODUM comes in. Their product offers a solution which will substantially reduce costs, by integrating a sensor which tracks the temperature of medical shipments. All the data collected is recorded into the Ethereum blockchain, which can be publicly view-able, ensuring full transparency and data integrity. If at any point in the transportation process there is a deviation in temperature, a notification will be sent to the sender and receiver informing them of the event.

This is a cost effective way of addressing the new mandatory regulations.

The medical goods transportation industry is a Multi-billion dollar industry and with a market cap of sub $50 million dollars we feel that Modum is an absolute steal at these prices with phenomenal room to grow. Some of their partners include the likes of Lykke and  Variosystems, and the CEO announcing another 4 large partnerships in the pipeline describing them as leaders within their market. From the last CEO update we also know that one of these partners are a $5 billion revenue company, but the name and product details are yet to be revealed.

Another of the great selling points of MODUM for us is the fact that once they become profitable, MOD holders will get paid a portion of the business profits as dividends in the form of MOD tokens.

In conclusion, with a business model that ensures profitability, we believe this is a project that will be around for the long haul and with the price of MODUM pulling back a whopping 90% from $15.20 at its all time high to $1.60 at last weeks lows, we believe picking up some MOD now is an absolute no brainer and we are excited to see how this project leads the way for real world blockchain applications.