Here at CryptoInMinutes we rarely recommend ICOs but there is one coming up that we just can not resist and that is NEX/Neon Exchange. NEX is a decentralized exchange built by the CityOfZion, the very same developers that helped build the NEO platform.

We feel that decentralized exchanges will be a big macro theme in the coming years with all the issues of centralized exchanges being hacked. The very nature of the business model ensures that NEX will be making a profit and also pays holders of the tokens a share of the profits generated from the exchange.

We haven’t seen this ICO being shilled as much as some other very questionable social media personalities. We believe that is because there are no referral links and no benefits for people advertising. That’s not what we are about here at CryptoInMinutes, we just bring you quality information and analysis.

Registrations close in a few days on the 30/3/2018 and you can learn more and register for the lottery at

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