QASH is another one of our favourites at CryptoInMinutes because it solves a big problem which the entire crypto market faces right now and one which we believe, is holding many institutional investors back from entering this space. The key word is LIQUIDITY.

What QASH is trying to achieve is to provide liquidity to the entire crypto market, which is in our opinion one of, if not the most important problem with cryptocurrencies. How they will be achieving this is to create a World Book on a platform called LIQUID which is linked to various exchanges that they have partnered with and by doing so, pools together all the liquidity from each exchange into one big pool called The World Book.

QASH will be the native token on the LIQUID platform which is built upon Quoine’s own Japanese exchange Quoinex. An easy comparison would be how BNB operates on the Binance exchange. QASH will be used to pay for an array of services including direct market access, fiat management, fiat/crypto services and automated trading strategies.

Trading in QASH pairings will provide a 5% discount to anything listed on the LIQUID platform as well as Quoine’s other exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS. Both these exchanges will also list QASH and QASH pairings. At first glance, 5% may not sound like much but to institutional investors who move around a lot of money (which this project is primarily targeted to), it becomes very appealing.

Some of the exchanges that have have agreed to join this project are the biggest out there and include the likes of Binance, Bitfinex, Quoine, Qryptos, GBX, CEX.IO and although nothing is confirmed, we have been hearing rumours about Bithumb is also joining the ranks.

The current QASH market cap is sub $200,000,000 and the potential for growth is exponentially higher as they have little-to- no competition at the moment. This coin has the potential to go 100X from here if not more and it is definitely one of our longer term holds.

QASH has been given approval from the Japanese Government and has been legally recognized as a legitimate cryptocurrency in Japan. This is great news for crypto in general and more importantly QASH. They have numerous partnerships and exchange listings in the making including Bitfinex and Binance which are currently 2 of the top exchanges in volume, excluding Bithumb.

The team behind QASH are an absolute all star team with a combined experience of 250 years in finance and technology. The QASH management team draw on experince from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Barclays, UBS, ANZ, Union Bank, Rabobank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bloomberg, Price Waterhouse Coopers and many more.

What excites us the most is that these guys aren’t targeting retail investors. The investors they’re targeting are institutional ones who understand the necessity for liquidity in this market.

One of the more interesting and overlooked parts of this project is that QASH is building their own blockchain. We believe this is a big deal for an exchange token as it goes far beyond the narrower utility related to just trading on the LIQUID platform.

The QASH blockchain is being built to natively support decentralized distributed execution and to a larger extent, will be tailored towards financial services, but not limited to them.

Last but not least, QASH has stuck to its deadlines and has met all roadmap milestones to date. Excitingly, the offficial LIQUID platform is expected to be released in Q2 and we therefore feel that now is great opportunity to start accumulating positions in this solid project that is tackling a real issue facing the cryto market.

Please remember, the information provided is our own view and should not be taken as constituting financial advice.