Vechain (VET/VEN)

This crypto project is one of our favorites and is an absolute powerhouse in terms of the quality and quantity of amazing partnerships they have acquired. Although they have had a huge run up in the last 6 months due to this fact, and now a subsequently large sell-off due to a lot of early investors taking profits, we believe the potential for upside for this project is unparalleled. they are one of the only crypto projects to date which have a have a national level partnership with the chinese government to test trial the building and implementation of a complete smart city.

Other big investors to name a few include BMW, Price Waterhouse Coopers, DNV-GL, KEUNE and NAGEL, China Unicom. the list goes on but we feel these carefuylly picked partners such as PWC who are affilliated with over 400 of the fortune 500 companies put Vechain in an incredibly strategic advantage due to the number of other clients they can bring to the party. besides these partnerships some other early investors of note include Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital, a big venture capitalist firm who are very conservative investors and have only invested in 2 crypto projects to date, 1 being Ethereum and now they have invested in Vechain, not only is Jim Breyer an early investor but he is also on the advisory board and we have no doubt he will bring a wealth of knowledge with him.

Now, on to what exactly Vechain is trying to achieve. the main goal of Vechain is to provide to consumers a map of how how products travel through the supply chain. Using blockchain technology, VeChain makes it simple and secure for product manufacturers to collect, manage and share important product data with vendors and consumers throughout the life-cycle of a product. imagine picking up a bottle of wine at your local liquor store and being able to scan it with your phone and being able too see every little detail from where it was produced or made to what temperatures it was stored at during transit. every little details being continuously updated throughout its journey on the block-chain in an un-tamperable nature. now also imagine that this is not limited to wine but to food, luxury goods and even cars. this potential market goes well into the trillions of dollars and Vechain is so far ahead of any competitors in terms of product development and partnerships that we fell this is an investment that should not be passed by.

In our opinion this is the exact type of market that is best suited to be disrupted by block chain.