Have you ever received a hot tip to buy a cryptocurrency but it hasn’t been listed on your exchnage yet? Perhaps you’ve found a gem which hasn’t been discovered by the rest of the market or maybe you’ve missed an ICO and are waiting for it to come to an exchange to buy. How do you find what exchanges these coins are listed on so you can purchase some?

In this example we are using LUX coin which is relatively unknown to the market. We like the concept, now we just need to find an exchange to buy it off.

If go to coinmarketcap.com and type in Lux Coin.

We get the following:

You then select the Markets tab down the bottom and you can see that Lux is currently only on one exchange to buy from -Cryptopia.

Not all exchanges list every coin when they are released. Some developers choose not to list their coins on all exchanges straight away, this is can be strategic so that people don’t “pump and dump” it after its initial coin offering. Another reason is to ensure only “organic” growth based on its underlying function. As more news is released, the developers slowly trickle the listing of the coin to other exchanges.

Some exchanges don’t allow coins to list unless they have met certain requirements including ICO success, reputation or having significant market interest (large investor pools, strong community). If you are willing to sign up to these smaller exchanges, you can potentially increase your profits by taking advantage of future exchange listings as this allows for more capital inflow.