Interest in USI Tech grew substantially throughout the 2017 crypto bull market during the months of October, November and December, drawing much attention from cryptocurrency investors. As can be seen below, the volume of Google searches for USI tech dramatically increased due to an aggressive marketing campaign.


Through their automated trading software, USI Tech claim that they will “transform your life” and will provide “excellent profits for ANYONE” through “technology that you won’t find anywhere else”. Guaranteed profits? Life changing technology? Whilst this might sound good to some, for us this was the first red flag.


On their website, USI Tech claim to offer fixed returns each day and touts an attractive referral and affiliate program which to us, sounds suspiciously like the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme whereby old investors are reimbursed with the money of new investors – another red flag.


Giving USI Tech the benefit of the doubt, we decided to proceed and check out the team behind the revolutionary tech.


We found nothing.


It turns out that there is not a single piece of information about the founders or the management team whatsoever. When reviewing any cryptocurrency, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the team as this provides credibility to the project.


We certainly have our doubts about the company and apparently, so do the Texas State Securities Board who in December 2017 served USI Tech (along with Bitconnect) with a cease and desist order.


Lastly, there have been recent reports of users experiencing withdrawal issues which for us, is the final nail in the USI Tech coffin.

We’re not great fans of USI Tech and we think there are plenty of better places to park your hard earned Satoshis.


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