Bittrex, one of the more well known cryptocurrency exchanges has reopened their registrations after capping new users in December 2017. Their CEO Bill Shihara commented that the Bittrex exchange had been significantly upgraded which will undoubtedly be welcomed by Bittrex users and the broader the crypto community.

The company has rapidly expanded, growing from 4 employees to 50 and we certainly do hope that these additional resources will help Bittrex respond to technical support and customer service tickets in a more timely manner. We also hope the infrastructure uprgrade will reduce the amount of wallet maintenance time as this has plagued Bittrex users in the past.

Most importantly, the reopening of registrations is a positive announcement which will undoubtedly allow access for many newcomers to enter the space. Cryptocurrency prices are dependent upon supply and demand and we therefore need the reintroduction of volume to push prices back up.

The removal of barriers such as registration capping is certainly a positive step in the right direction.