With BTC breaking above the 9000 level the next obvious target is the 10,000 psychological level.
Although our medium term target of 11,500 is still in tact, we do not believe it will continue without a meaningful pullback to the 8000 region, where we will be adding to all our positions.
Volume is extremely thin throughout all the exchanges indicating the bulls are running out of steam.

After noticing in late march that alot of the altcoins seemed to have bottomed out and that volume had begun to re-enter the market,
we began to share with you some of our favourite picks.
Here is a list of our current calls and entries.
Congratulations to everyone who has taken our recommendations.
As always we will share with you our thoughts on the market and
we take pride in calling it how we see it and see no reason to sugar-coat anything.

ICX: entry $2.8, current price $4.3 = 54% gain
NEO: entry $65 current $80 = 23% gain
MOD: entry $2.2, current $2.9 = 32% gain
SC: entry 13c, current 21c = 61% gain
QASH: entry 53c current 84c = 59% gain
DNT: entry 9c current 11c = 33% gain
LUX: entry $12 current $13.8 = 15% gains