The past 24 hours have seen a slight correction across the board. This is a move that was to be expected after days of continuous upward momentum. Healthy pumps need to be followed by corrective cycles like these. As such, we exited our NEO position yesterday for a healthy profit. At the time of writing $BTC is sitting at $7,020 with a daily 24hr volume of just under $4B, a market cap of $121B, a dominance of 53% and a total cryptocurrency market cap of $228B.

On a lighter note, the new clown in Crypto Town – Craig Wright, has done it again. Mr. Wright has made a habit of embarrassing himself on social media lately. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Craig Wright famously claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto on the Netflix Documentary about Bitcoin and he is also in the process of forking the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to create his own more pathetic version of the already pathetic shitcoin.

Securities, Securities Everywhere…
Let’s dig into the serious stuff now. This week has seen some interesting developments in equities markets and how they relate to the cryptocurrency world.

Chinese Exchange Huobi has just completed a reverse merger by acquiring a controlling stake in Pantronics Holdings Ltd, a listed company in Hong Kong. What this means is that typical stock market equities investors will soon be able to invest in the Huobi Exchange on a Publically Traded Stock Exchange. This offering will be the first of its kind, and is a big deal. This will be the first time traditional valuation models can be applied to a cryptocurrency market player, and when they are applied, the low rates of return typically earned by traditional equities players will pale in comparison. Investors will be forced to sit up and take note.

This could be the emerging trend of the forthcoming bull-run, the momentum of which will be carried on the back of securities investment. We will begin to see more and more cryptocurrency players go where the big money is comfortable investing – traditional markets. This is an idea we have been building on over the past few months, if you would like more background, mull over our previous articles about Securitisation (Polymath), BAKKT and The VanEck-SolidX ETF.

In other securities news, house hold name NASDAQ has thrown their hat in the ring. No doubt in response to the recent announcement by ICE with the launch of their new product BAKKT this latest news from NASDAQ is not surprising. This story is just breaking now so the details are vague but there is an internal discussion at the NASDAQ along the lines of listing certain cryptocurrencies in Q1 of 2019.

This is massive news. While we are bearish in the medium term, we are still bullish on the long term out look for the crypto industry. The next bull-run, the real parabolic “bubble” is coming. The necessary infrastructure to facilitate a bubble reminiscent of the dotcom bubble is being built right before our eyes. Securitisation is going to lead the next bull-run. Stay tuned with us at CIM as we will bring you news and entries on all of our securitisation plays. Join the convo at –