Quick Buying guide:

1. Create an exchange account at Coinbase
2. Connect your bank account and verify your ID (you will be asked to provide KYC docs such as a passport scan and a proof of address doc)
3. Verify your Bank Account
4. Buy Bitcoin
5. Create an Alt Coin exchange account
6. In your Alt Coin exchange account, click balances, search for BTC and click deposit, your deposit address will generate, copy this address.
7. In your Coinbase account click send BTC, paste your Alt Coin Exchange BTC address into your recipient address field and select an amount of BTC to send.
8. Your BTC should arrive in your Alt Coin exchange account within about 10 minutes.
9. Once your BTC has arrived, hover your mouse over the exchange button and click basic. Select your BTC trading pair in the top right for example BTC/XRP.
10. Now you can trade your BTC for XRP or any of the other Alt coins, happy trading 🙂
if you do have any questions email us at cryptoinminutes@gmail.com and one of our expert support officers will be happy to help.