With Bitcoin now breaking its local $9000 lows it is playing out exactly as we expected and we have no doubt that it is on its way to our much anticipated 8000-8400 target.
We will be stacking buy orders at these levels and also our favourite alts which we have mentioned before.

Also, Although we have our EOS stops set, we are closing this position early as we feel it will follow Bitcoin and a better entry can be obtained.

It is important to note that we see this correction as part of a normal market cycle and it coincides perferctly with the much anticipated Consensus Blockchain week.
Last years Consensus was the catalyst for an insanely huge rally across the entire crypto market.

Our ideal scenario is for bitcoin to dump to the 8000-8400 levels before a monstrous high volume rally next week.

The CryptoInMinutes team will be attending the Crypto and Blockchain Convention in sydney tomorrow and if anyone would like to come and meet us in person feel free to reach out to us on on any of our social platforms.

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